Threonine, which abbreviates to the 3-letters Thr or one-letter T, is one of the 20 amino acids that make up proteins in our body. Threonine’s R-group is a 2 carbon chain with a hydroxyl attached to the first carbon. Because of its hydroxyl group, threonine can be phosphorylated. Threonine is also a polar, hydrophilic amino acid, with a neutral charge at physiological pH.

Key Points

  • Threonine
    • Abbreviations
      • Thr, T
    • Chemical Structure
    • R-Group: -CH(OH)-CH3
      • Methyl group branches from β carbon
        • Contrast vs. Serine (which has no methyl group branch)
      • Hydroxyl group
        • Phosphorylatable by threonine kinases
    • Polarity
      • Polar (water soluble/hydrophilic)
    • Charge at pH 7
      • Neutral (0)