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About Us

Our mission is simple: increase efficiency in memorization, so students can get back to the things that actually matter.

Pixorize is only possible because of the thousands of hours of hard work put in by our team. If you like working on big problems, we'd love to get in touch and put your name on this page too.

Team Members

David Westfall, MD
Co-founder, Tech

David received his MD from Weill Cornell Medicine and holds a BS in biochemistry from the University of Oklahoma. He helped start the health tech conference Future of Care and previously founded Reflashed Games.

Nathan Liu, MD
Co-founder, Content

Nathan received his MD from Weill Cornell Medicine, where he helped start the Future of Care health tech conference. He was previously a Fulbright Scholar at Imperial College London and holds a BS in bioengineering from Rice University.

Joe Jones, RN
Production & Audio

Joe received his ADN from Brookhaven College in Texas, before which he worked as an EMT. At Pixorize, Joe's work is inspired by a blend of experience both in healthcare sciences and production.

Jessica Bachner
Marketing & Growth

Jessica received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in Economics and minored in Consumer Psychology. She is passionate about leveraging data and research to inform marketing and other business decisions.

Samantha Bryan, RN
Nursing / NCLEX

Samantha graduated from Brigham Young University with her BSN and has a background working as an RN on a busy medical-surgical unit. She currently resides in Arizona and enjoys spending her free time outdoors and with her family.

Jae Young
Community Marketing

Jae received her BA in Management and Public Relations from the University of Florida as well as a BS in Microbiology. She loves being active in the community and also practices MMA in her spare time.

Abigail Shilvock
Pre-clinical / MCAT

Abigail received her BS from Cornell University, where she majored in Biological Sciences and then completed pre-clinical coursework at Weill Cornell Medicine in addition to spending a year conducting research in a lab at Sloan Kettering Institute.

Christian Fernandez
Multimedia Artist

Christian is a self-taught multimedia artist who has worked with a wide range of clients and design studios. He has been honing his skills in Motion Graphic Design and Animation for the past several years.

Michelle Peric
Art Manager

Michelle is an Illustrator and Digital Artist with a BFA in Visual Communications. After 8+ years working in the visual arts industry with various clients around the globe, she now finds herself working with a team of creatives to create visually stunning content for Pixorize.

Mackenzie Coppedge

Mackenzie graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a BA in Arts and Technology. She specializes in Digital art and Illustration, but has a love for art of all mediums. She currently lives in Austin Texas, where she spends her free time cross-stitching and listening to audiobooks.

Marco Tamura
2D Artist

Marco graduated from the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi with a degree in Game Design. He is a former indie game studio artist who has been working with 2D art for games, books, TV and films for over 8 years.

Isaias Guerrero
2D Artist

Isaias graduated with degrees in Graphic Design from UNIP and Digital Illustration from Quanta Academy of Arts. He worked for eleven years as a graphic designer until he dedicated himself to his true passion and became an illustrator full-time.

Marc Hönninger
Sound Designer and Composer

Marc completed a BA in Sound Recording at Trebas, Montreal, followed by an MA in Sound at the University of Arts in Berlin. He has over 10 years of experience as a Freelance Sound Recordist / Sound Designer for Theater and Film.

Johnny Quinones

Johnny is a radiologic technologist in New York City. He studied and completed clinicals at Bellevue Hospital in NYC where he viewed many fascinating cases in the ER and OR. He currently takes X-rays at a clinic in midtown, as well as an NYU outpatient practice.

Joe Grimes
USMLE Content Developer

Joe is a fourth-year medical student at Columbia. He holds a BA in International Relations from Stanford University. Before medical school, he worked at a healthcare consultancy and at Twilio. He is applying into ophthalmology residency this year.

Andrew Del Re
USMLE Content Developer

Andrew is a fourth year in the dual degree MD-ScM program at Brown University. He studied Nutritional Science and Food Science at Cornell University.