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“The combination of videos and images reinforced the material well”
- APUSH Student
“It was a fun way to remember a lot of difficult content”
- APUSH Student
“It helped a lot. Seeing images was better than reading about them”
- APUSH Student

US History, Anyone?

New Meal

Hungry for governmental aid? We recommend the FDIC French Dip.

Carousel Revolution

This carousel really revolves! Revolution! Revolution!

Prohibition Kitchen

I'm starving! What's on the menu?

Heart-shaped Red Croissants

Group interactive images into playlists and share as a sequence

Battle of the Bands

Soviet Union on the Drums? France on the French Horn? I'm in!

Roaring 20s Rollercoaster

Welcome to the amusement park. The 1920s sure look like fun!