USMLE Step 1
Biochem Mnemonics

Give your memory a boost with visual mnemonics

Stop forgetting the basic sciences and get the score you deserve

What is Pixorize?

We turn the hardest Step 1 topics (biochemistry & basic sciences) into cohesive visual pictures, making them easy for you to remember.

We'll walk you through each image with our step-by-step videos, then give you interactive images for studying and review.

Why is Pixorize so effective?

Learn Visually
65% of people are visual learners
Similar methods shown to be 3x as effective
High Yield
Only covers what you need to know
Our Sample Platter
Biochemistry and genetic syndromes are straight memorization, so test writers use them to separate the high-scorers from the low-scorers.

Loved by Students Everywhere

Bryan Dooley
Weill Cornell Medical College
Pixorize saved me a ton of time studying the lysosomal storage diseases and more! Not only did it help me study those topics, it also freed up time for me to review other high-yield material.

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