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Sensory Memory

  1. Sensory Memory
  2. Short-Term Memory
  3. Working Memory
  4. Long Term Memory


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Key Points

  • Sensory Memory
    • First step of informational processing model
      • Activated before short-term or working memory
    • Function
      • Temporary register of stimuli
        • Visual (iconic)
          • Duration: < 1 second
          • Trails of a glow stick or sparkler stick
        • Auditory (echoic)
          • Duration: few (3-4) seconds
          • When you aren’t paying attention but can remember what someone just said
        • Other stimuli thought to be included but are less characteristic
    • Duration
      • Short (1-4 sec)
        • Exact duration is thought to depend on type of stimulus
    • Capacity
      • Theoretically unlimited capacity
        • Stores any amount of stimuli body receives
      • Most sensory information is lost and very little is transmitted to short-term or working memory