Cardiovascular Overview


  • Cardiovascular Overview
    • Heart is a pump that drives blood flow through vessels 
    • Roles
      • Nutrient Delivery
        • Oxygen, nutrients, hormones, ions, and fluids are delivered to the body’s tissues via the bloodstream
      • Waste Removal
        • Removal of CO2 (major metabolic by-product of cellular respiration) and other waste
      • Thermoregulation
        • Vasodilation: when body is hot, capillaries dilate to allow more heat loss
          • When dilated, more blood can pass through and lose heat to surroundings
        • Vasoconstriction: when body is cold, capillaries constrict to reduce heat loss to skin
    • Single cell layer of endothelial cells lines the inside of blood vessels and the heart
      • Important for gas exchange