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Other Drugs
  1. Isotretinoin
  2. Pilocarpine


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Key Points

  • Isotretinoin (Accutane)
    • Mechanism
      • Vitamin A derivative 
        • Vitamin A supplements should be avoided to avoid toxicity
    • Clinical Use
      • Severe acne
        • Used when acne is unresponsive to other treatment
    • Side Effects and Adverse Reactions
      • Teratogenic
        • Pregnancy category X
        • Negative pregnancy test is required before start of treatment
        • Use two forms of birth control during treatment
        • Patients taking isotretinoin shouldn’t donate blood to avoid the risk of giving blood with the drug to a pregnant woman
      • Skin sensitivity
        • Dryness of skin, mouth, and eyes
        • Skin irritation
        • Photosensitivity (sunburn)
        • Common, expected side effects
      • Muscle damage
      • Dizziness
      • Headache