NS3/4A Inhibitors



The NS3/4A inhibitors are drugs that end in -previr, including grazoprevir and simeprevir. These drugs are viral protease inhibitors that inhibit viral replication and are used to treat Hepatitis C.

Key Points

  • NS3/4A inhibitors
    • Drug Names (-previr ending)
      • Grazoprevir
      • Simeprevir
      • Glecaprevir
      • Paritaprevir
      • Voxilaprevir
    • Mechanism
      • Inhibits NS3/4A, a viral protease
        • Prevents viral replication
    • Clinical Use
      • Hepatitis C virus
    • Adverse Effects
      • Generally well-tolerated with non-specific side effects
      • Grazoprevir: headache, fatigue
      • Simeprevir: photosensitivity, rash