NS5B Inhibitors



NS5B inhibitors share a common ending of -buvir, and include drugs such as sofosbuvir and dasabuvir. These drugs inhibit viral RNA-dependant RNA polymerase to prevent viral RNA replication. NS5B inhibitors treat Hepatitis C.

Key Points

  • NS5B inhibitors
    • Drug Names
      • Sofosbuvir
        • Nucleoside RNA polymerase inhibitor
      • Dasabuvir
        • Non-nucleoside RNA polymerase inhibitor
    • Mechanism
      • Inhibits viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (NS5B)
        • Causes RNA chain termination and prevents viral RNA replication
      • Requires intracellular activation
    • Clinical Use
      • Hepatitis C virus
    • Adverse Effects
      • Generally well-tolerated with non-specific side effects
      • Fatigue
        • Non-specific symptom; seen in 30-60% of patients
      • Headache
        • Seen in 20-40% of patients