ADP Receptor Inhibitors

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Key Points

  • ADP Receptor Inhibitors
    • Drug Names
      • Clopidogrel
      • Ticagrelor
      • Ticlopidine
      • Prasugrel
    • Mechanism
      • Irreversibly antagonize ADP receptors (P2Y12) on platelets
        • Prevents platelet aggregation
        • Platelets normally release ADP from granules when activated
          • ADP binds to ADP receptors to induce expression of GpIIb/IIIa.
          • Fibrinogen binds to gpIIb/IIIA enables formation of the platelet plug (primary hemostasis)
    • Clinical Use
      • Prevention of cardiovascular clots (MI/ACS, stroke)
        • Dual antiplatelet therapy (with aspirin)
        • Treatment for acute coronary syndrome (NSTEMI or STEMI)
        • Prevention of thrombosis after stenting
        • Lowers risk of recurrent strokes
        • Treatment of peripheral artery disease
    • Adverse Effects
      • Bleeding
        • Obvious effect of platelet inhibition
      • Neutropenia (ticlopidine)
      • Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (ticlopidine)