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Follicular Phase

  1. Follicular Phase
  2. Luteal Phase
  3. Ovulation
  4. Spermatogenesis
  5. Sperm Structure
  6. Testes
  7. Epididymis


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Key Points

  • Follicular Phase
    • Part of the menstrual cycle from development of the oocyte up until ovulation
      • Typically lasts ~16 days
    • (Primary) Follicle develops around Oocyte
      • Granulosa Cells stimulated by FSH
        • Zona Pellucida is a non-cellular layer of glycoproteins secreted by Granulosa Cells around the oocyte
        • Induce maturation of the Oocyte
      • Theca Cells stimulated by LH
        • Produce estrogen
          • LH stimulation causes theca cells to make androgens (e.g. testosterone), which are converted into estrogens by granulosa cells under the stimulation of FSH
        • Stimulate uterine wall growth
          • Estrogen stimulates uterine wall growth in preparation for implantation and pregnancy
          • Negative feedback loop of estrogen inhibits LH release
    • Ends in Ovulation
      • The egg is released into the Fallopian Tube