Toxocara canis

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Key Points

  • Toxocara canis
    • Nematode (roundworm)
    • Disease
      • Visceral larva migrans
        • Nematodes migrate to blood through the intestinal wall
        • Granuloma formation (MB)
          • Inflammation and damage in organs
        • Multiple organs can be affected, but not all will be
          • Heart (myocarditis)
          • Liver (hepatomegaly, pain)
          • Lungs (Loffler’s syndrome)
          • CNS (seizures, coma)
      • Ocular larva migrans
        • Unilateral vision loss, since the parasite will usually only end up in one eye, leading to strabismus
        • Leukocoria
        • Visual impairment
    • Transmission/Risk factors
      • Fecal-oral
        • Ingestion of eggs (MB)
        • Soil contaminated with dog/cat feces
        • Humans are accidental host, like T. gondii
      • Dogs receive the parasite through contaminated meat
    • Diagnosis
      • CBC for eosinophilia
      • ELISA
    • Treatment
      • Bendazoles