Flutamide is an anti-androgen drug that blocks the action of testosterone and DHT at androgen receptors. By reducing androgen signaling, flutamide may be useful in the treatment of testosterone or hormone-dependent prostate cancer. One of the side effects of taking flutamide is gynecomastia or the development of breasts in men.

Key Points

  • Flutamide
    • Mechanism
      • Testosterone receptor blocker (anti-androgen)
        • Nonsteroidal competitive antagonist at androgen receptors
        • Blocks the stimulatory effects of testosterone and DHT
    • Indications
      • Prostate cancer
        • Prostate cancer is testosterone-dependent and can be treated with androgen deprivation
        • Often coadministered with Leuprolide (long-acting GnRH agonist)
    • Side Effects
      • Gynecomastia