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V1 (Vasopressin) Receptors

General Pharm
  1. Gs / Gi Pathway
  2. Gq Signaling Pathway
  3. Alpha-1 (Adrenergic) Receptors
  4. Alpha-2 (Adrenergic) Receptors
  5. Beta-1 (Adrenergic) Receptors
  6. Beta-2 (Adrenergic) Receptors
  7. Beta-3 (Adrenergic) Receptors
  8. M1 (Muscarinic) Receptors
  9. M2 (Muscarinic) Receptors
  10. M3 (Muscarinic) Receptors
  11. D1 (Dopamine) Receptors
  12. D2 (Dopamine) Receptors
  13. H1 (Histamine) Receptors
  14. H2 (Histamine) Receptors
  15. V1 (Vasopressin) Receptors
  16. V2 (Vasopressin) Receptors


V1 receptors are a type of G-protein coupled receptor activated by vasopressin, a hormone also known as antidiuretic hormone (ADH). V1 receptors are primarily located on vascular smooth muscle, and binding by vasopressin activates a Gq protein subunit, activating a signaling cascade that eventually leads to smooth muscle contraction and vasoconstriction. The resulting increase in systemic vascular resistance increases blood pressure.

Key Points

  • V1 (Vasopressin) Receptors
    • GPCR that responds to Vasopressin / ADH
      • Activates a Gq subunit
    • Locations
      • Vascular smooth muscle
    • Actions
      • Vasoconstriction
        • Think: vaso- = vessel, -pressin = constriction
        • Increase in systemic vascular resistance increases blood pressure.