Aliskiren is a direct renin inhibitor primarily used in the treatment of hypertension. Importantly, aliskiren is a teratogen, and should be avoided in pregnant women.

Key Points

  • Aliskiren
    • MOA
      • Direct renin inhibitor
        • preventing renin-mediated conversion of angiotensinogen to angiotensin I
    • Indications
      • Hypertension
        • Can be combined with other antihypertensive agents such as amlodipine or hctz
    • Side Effects
      • Teratogen
        • Contraindicated in pregnancy
      • Effects of renin inhibition
        • Hyperkalemia
        • Decreased GFR
        • Angioedema
        • Relatively contraindicated in patients already taking ACEI or ARBs; synergistic effects may induce hypotension
      • Non-specific: diarrhea, cough, nausea