Strep bovis


Streptococcus bovis 

  • Also known as Group D Strep
  • Gram + cocci in chains
    • Think: cocci come in a “strip”
  • Catalase negative
    • Determines staph (catalase positive) vs. strep
  • PYR negative
    • distinguishes it from enterococci
  • grows in presence of 40% bile
  • cannot grow in 6.5% NaCl broth
    • Distinguishes it from Enterococcus, which grows in both 40% bile and 6.5% NaCl
  • Part of normal colonic flora
  • Bacteremia is associated with colon cancer
    • patients with Strep. bovis infections should undergo colonoscopy to rule out colon cancer
  • Can present as endocarditis
  • Treatment
    • Ceftriaxone
      • Favored for bacteremia
    • Oral penicillins (e.g. amoxicillin) are used after clearance of bacteremia