Staph saprophyticus

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  • Staphylococcus saprophyticus 
    • Gram + cocci in clusters 
    • Catalase +
      • First test to differentiate staph vs. strep (catalase negative)
    • Coagulase –
      • Second test to differentiate from staph aureus (coagulase positive)
    • Novobiocin resistant
      • Third test to differentiate vs. staph epidermidis (novobiocin-sensitive), by exposure to the antibiotic novobiocin
    • Urease positive
      • Found to be a virulence factor in the development of UTIs
      • Cleavage of urea into ammonia and carbon dioxide may produce an environment more friendly to growth
    • Normal flora of female genital tract and perineum
    • Causes UTls in sexually active women
      • Second most common cause, after E. coli
      • Presents with dysuria, urinary frequency/urgency, suprapubic pain
      • Microorganisms adhere to uroepithelial cells
    • Treatment
      • Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole
      • Nitrofurantoin