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Phallic Stage

Freud Psychosexual Development
  1. Oral Stage
  2. Anal Stage
  3. Phallic Stage
  4. Latency Stage
  5. Genital Stage


The phallic stage is the 3rd stage of Freudian psychosocial development, and is exhibited by young children between the ages of 3 and 6. The erogenous zone of focus is the genitalia. Proposed findings seen in this stage include penis envy and the Oedipus Complex.

Key Points

  • Phallic Stage
    • Erogenous zone: phallus / genitalia
    • Age: toddlers / preschoolers (3-6)
    • Urges: sexual impulses toward opposite-sex parent and anger toward same-sex parent
      • This is referred to as an Oedipus complex
        • Some texts refer to the Oedipus complex as applying to boys and the Electra complex as applying to girls, but they are basically the same thing