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Meissner Corpuscle

  1. Pacinian Corpuscle
  2. Meissner Corpuscle
  3. Ruffini Endings
  4. Merkel Disk

Meissner Corpuscles, also known as tactile corpuscles, are one of the four major mechanoreceptors or sensory receptors found in skin. They are primarily located at hairless (glabrous) skin, and are especially concentrated at the fingertips.

Located primarily at the superficial (papillary) dermis, the structure of Meissner corpuscles consists of horizontal lamellae or layers surrounded by a connective tissue capsule. Due to their superficial location, they are primarily responsible for detecting light touch, although afferent inputs from Meissner corpuscles are also used for position sense.

Because Meissner corpuscles adapt quickly, they require a constantly changing or dynamic stimulus to continue conducting nerve impulses.

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