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Cluster A Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders
  1. Cluster B Personality Disorders
  2. Cluster A Personality Disorders
  3. Cluster C Personality Disorders


Cluster A Personality Disorders are the 'weird' personality disorders, and they are characterized by odd or eccentric behaviors. Schizotypal personality disorder is characterized by distorted beliefs or magical thinking, and those with this disorder generally prefer social isolation. Individuals with schizoid personality have a lack of interest in social relationships and they often prefer to be alone. Individuals with paranoid personality disorder are highly suspicious and paranoid; they are often convinced that others are out to get them.

Key Points

  • Cluster A Personality Disorders
    • Weird: characterized by odd or eccentric behaviors
    • Schizotypal personality disorder
      • Distorted beliefs / “magical” thinking
      • Social avoidance
      • More likely to develop schizophrenia 
    • Schizoid personality disorder
      • Low interest and involvement in interpersonal relationships
    • Paranoid personality disorder
      • Suspicious of others of attacking/deceiving them