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Maslow's Pyramid

Misc P/S
  1. Malthusian Theory
  2. Maslow's Pyramid
  3. Deviance
  4. Role Strain vs Role Conflict vs Role Exit
  5. Nativist vs Learning vs Interactionist Language Theory
  6. Broca's vs Wernicke's Areas


Maslow’s Pyramid is a psychological framework creating a hierarchy of human needs, moving from the most basic needs at the bottom, to higher-level needs at the top. These five levels of needs must be filled in order, much like climbing a pyramid. The first level of needs includes physiological needs such as the need for food and water. The second level of needs includes that of safety and security. The third level contains needs for love and belonging. The fourth level includes the need for self-esteem. Lastly, the fifth and final level is the need for self-actualization. 

Key Points

  • Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs
    • Psychological framework for human needs
      • Must be filled in order, with most basic at bottom
      • Thought to drive human motivation
    • Needs (from most basic)
      • Physiological
        • food, water, sleep
      • Safety/Security
        • shelter
      • Belonging/Love
        • love and intimacy
      • Self-esteem
        • confidence and appreciation from others
      • Self-actualization
        • self-awareness, higher purpose/meaning