Blood Clotting


  • Blood Clotting (note: not high yield)
    • Function
      • Minimize blood loss and facilitate healing after injury
    • Process
      • Step 1: Platelets form a plug
        • Collagen outside of blood vessel chemically interacts with platelets and causes them to stick together (coagulate) at damage site
        • Prevents blood flow out of vessel
        • Bound platelets and endothelial cells release signals to recruit more platelets
      • Step 2: Fibrin forms a mesh
        • Platelet aggregation activates clotting factors
          • Cascade of activated factors called the Coagulation Cascade
        • Culminates in production of thrombin, which converts fibrinogen in plasma to fibrin
        • Fibrin strands polymerize and form mesh to hold platelets together, reinforces platelet plug